Team Effectiveness Series

  • Decision Making –  The ability to make good decisions is an extremely important skill and one that people involved in high risk endeavors believe is essential to not only mission success but in risk mitigation and avoidance.  This talk uses a familiar decision making scenario to highlight the complexities and considerations that are a part of the decisions we make in a high risk environment. 

  • Situational Awareness – Mark Twain said "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."  This talk looks at the importance of good situational awareness and ways to achieve it.


  • Communication –Accomplishing the mission, working as an effective team, managing crisis are just a few situations that require effective communication.  This talk addresses the challenges and barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them.


  • Team Effectiveness Workshop ​ (4 Hours)- Combines the Decision Making, Situational Awareness and Communication talks with practical application team exercises

  • Know When to Say No-   This presentation addresses the “no-vote”.  This talk discusses creating the environment, empowering your team, and building understanding to know when to say no.


  • Smart People, Good Teams, Bad Decisions -  Sometimes when you make bad decisions, bad things happen.   This talk uses unique historical examples of accidents and disasters to look at bad decisions made by smart people and good teams and attempt to highlight some of the contributing factors to those bad decisions.  .

Motivation Series

  • R U RDY - This talk uses examples of courage, confidence, cleverness, and working together as a team to frame the question "Are you ready to make a difference"

  • On stage everyone can hear you scream -Public speaking is heralded as one of the top fears people have.  This talk provides ideas to get past the fear and deliver effective presentations

  • Insert Coin  - Lesson Learned from the Arcade - As a kid I spent a lot of time in Arcades feeding quarters into video games for hours. This talk takes an amusing look at life lessons gleaned from those arcade games and the days playing them

Aviation Series

  • Flight Test 2040 - A look at some of the different generational influences and Aviation industry changes with a focus on potential impacts these changes will have in the control rooms and aircraft of the future.

  •  Better Be Lucky When your not Good - We have all heard and perhaps sometimes used the phrased I’d rather be lucky than good.  But in the business of aviation good is a prerequisite and luck is hard to plan for.  Using a aviation "close call" as a case study this talk looks at the difference between luck and skill.

Effective Planning Series

  • Problem Framing -

  • Course of Action Development and Analysis

  • Transition from planning to execution

  • ​Planning Workshop ​ (4 Hours)- Combines the Problem Framing, Course of Action Development and Analysis, and Transition from Planning to Execution talks with practical application team exercises